As s scrawny kid, there was nothing more embarrassing than showering after gym class.

It seemed that I was a puny kid in a land of veritable giants.

That’s the funny thing about nudity, we all feel a little embarrassed and well, vulnerable without all of our protective layers on.

Clothes are comfortable, they project an image that we want the world to see us through.

We can craft, coif and become whatever we want to be, after all the clothes make the man.

Or do they?

Lets bring this around to spiritual and emotional nakedness.

It’s amazing to me, that in a society which overall frowns on physical nakedness, we also are raised to avoid emotional nakedness as well.

We are trained to hide all of our emotional kibbles and bits and only show the world a well groomed, coiffed and put together emotional image.

To this I say enough is enough!

In the same way that we all become more comfortable with ourselves when we all realize that aside minor details, we are all pretty much the same sans our clothing, we need to realize that emotionally we are all flawed, insecure creatures all needing and craving validation, love and connection.

The WASP ideal of the put together man, emotional as well as physical is a false front and does a huge disservice to the presenter as well as to the spectator.

If we can allow ourselves to be vulnerable to one another, to share our strengths but also share our weakness we will begin to become stronger as a whole.

It wasn’t until I reached my 40s that I began to be comfortable enough to be myself, flaws and all around other people.

And when I did, it seemed to give them the license and liberty to be themselves around me as well.

When we let people know that we have struggles, pain and flaws they are then free to be themselves around us. Warts and all..

And this is a good thing.

Accidental heroes.

The last shall be first so to speak.

It takes tragically little strength to project an image of total strength, and yet so much strength and character to truly let the world see you as you truly are.

And a side effect of this brutal honesty is that when we let the world become comfortable with us as we truly are, we ourselves become more comfortable with who we truly are.

And that, is a beautiful place to be, at peace with our true selves.

The one we have been trying to hide from ourselves all these years.


Written by James Berman

Who is James, or rather who was James and who is James becoming? This is a question that I am attempting to answer myself, and I guess I have been trying to answer for as long as I can recall. I, am Chronically Broken, and yet perfectly arranged. Does that make any sense to you? I guess what I am trying to get at is that although I am altogether similar to who I was and always have been, I am strangely dissimilar from anyone I have ever known myself to be. Much like the roads in New Orleans, the city that has become my home I am constantly under construction. And that is the reason for this site, to chronicle this rebirth, this renewal. To speak to those who are in desperate need of some renovation of all the amazing potential and possibilities.

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