Life with a two year old, and a one year old can be.. challenging.

They take every bit of time, patience, energy and strength that you have while they are around you, this is just the nature of toddlers.

This takes a toll on so many aspects of your life, it is almost mind boggling.

Things you once did on the regular, you now rarely find time for.

As a couple, one of the first things to suffer is, intimacy.

You are so tired, bone tired and all you want to do when the kids go to bed is just relax for a moment, and not have to give to someone else for an hour or two.

But trust me, you need to fight these urges.

I believe the bible admonishes us against forgoing this special communion of husband and wife, for very particular reasons.

Without this, coming together, marriage becomes more like a friendship than a relationship.

And this is almost cancerous for a marriage.

Tempers seem to flare more easily without times of tenderness, and we seem to function as two, rather than one.

In short, do not forsake the coming together, as you would not as a church, especially do not as a couple.

Take time, and in the words of a very wise man, Otis Redding, “Try a little tenderness.”


Written by James Berman

Who is James, or rather who was James and who is James becoming? This is a question that I am attempting to answer myself, and I guess I have been trying to answer for as long as I can recall. I, am Chronically Broken, and yet perfectly arranged. Does that make any sense to you? I guess what I am trying to get at is that although I am altogether similar to who I was and always have been, I am strangely dissimilar from anyone I have ever known myself to be. Much like the roads in New Orleans, the city that has become my home I am constantly under construction. And that is the reason for this site, to chronicle this rebirth, this renewal. To speak to those who are in desperate need of some renovation of all the amazing potential and possibilities.

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