Seems like a strange lead off question to ask, doesn’t it? Do you believe in life after death?

However in this case, I am not referring to life after a literal death, but life after a figurative death.

Life after a watershed moment in your life, when everything comes crashing down upon you and it seems as though a part of you, if not all of you has simply ceased to be.

I do, believe in life after death that is. I have experienced if for myself first-hand in my own life, as well as in the lives of others I have encountered.

But maybe life after death is a little grandiose of an idea to apply here, maybe instead of using an analogy so final as death, maybe I should make it something more transitory.

Perhaps, if I compare these events to a process of demolition and reconstruction.

I wish that I could state that my current state of rebuild is something anomalous to me, or something that makes me special.

However, really it is not. And this is precisely the reason for the telling. Because my story is not really all that unusual.

What is unusual, is the outcome of this story, or where this story is leading to. Because it is far from completed, believe me.

It is how, in the deepest, darkest moments of my own depravity and crapulence, someone truly,and without reservation loved me.

How, in the moment when it appeared as though everything was for nothing and would end up in absolute desolation, someone showed me the worth of all this destruction that had preceded that moment.

I guess that in order to effectively tell this tale, I will begin at a moment where a beginning was almost an ending.


Written by James Berman

Who is James, or rather who was James and who is James becoming? This is a question that I am attempting to answer myself, and I guess I have been trying to answer for as long as I can recall. I, am Chronically Broken, and yet perfectly arranged. Does that make any sense to you? I guess what I am trying to get at is that although I am altogether similar to who I was and always have been, I am strangely dissimilar from anyone I have ever known myself to be. Much like the roads in New Orleans, the city that has become my home I am constantly under construction. And that is the reason for this site, to chronicle this rebirth, this renewal. To speak to those who are in desperate need of some renovation of all the amazing potential and possibilities.

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