What would you do, if you could save someones life?

Truly, no hyperbole, what if you knew something that was so Earth shattering and urgently important that it could LITERALLY, save someone from imminent death.

Would you do it?

Would you share it?

Or imagine if someone was hurting so badly, and all that they needed was to know that someone cared enough to reach into the life and take their hand and say they were valued and loved and that would make it a whole lot better.

Would you do it?

New Orleans, is dying….

No joke, New Orleans is dying….

Beyond Mardi Gras, St Patricks Day, Bourbon Street and the glamour and charm of the Garden District, New Orleans is dying..

2 in 100 people in New Orleans, have HIV, or AIDS.

Diminutive NOLA (As she is affectionately called by those who love her best) has the 2nd highest HIV Infection rate in the US of A.

And it has only gotten worse since Hurricane Katrina.

This city was already rough enough before Katrina.

But what housing wasn’t washed away by the rising flood, has been gentrified out of almost anyone’s price range.

Even the projects, have been mostly gutted.

And what is there, what housing is affordable, is almost never vacant.

You know what breeds well in this much poverty, and pain and loss..

Well, besides the mosquitoes and roaches…..


Crime and poverty seem to be a natural breeding ground for HIV and despair.

And the key to eradicating HIV from the Crescent City…


New Orleans needs you to give her some love like you have never given love to anyone else in your entire sentient life.

You can show love to a community that has seen, and believed for decades, centuries that you could not care less about it or it’s cares.

HIV, is not a gay thing, it is not a poor thing, nor a black thing. It is not a latino thing, nor anything.

HIV is a reaction, HIV, is despair given form and substance.

Jesus, loves all of his children, and especially those who are hurting.

So these, are the ones you should make your priority as you pray, and look for those in need of service and comfort.

You did not cause HIV.

You did not infect one person, with a life sentence called HIV.

But, now that you have this knowledge, now that you know that an entire community is on the edge, staring death in the face ALONE, you cannot be held unaccountable.

HIV, is a community disease…..

And it is high time the community of Christ, take up their cause.

Because until you do this, until you make their justice your justice, you have not truly satisfied, the great commission.

Reconcile Ministries is partnering with community organizations to bring comfort to the hurting people of New Orleans, LA.

But we cannot do this alone…

This is too large of a task for any one organization…

We need your help.

New Orleans, needs your love, your prayers, and your help.